Returns Policy

Return is a system delivered by specific company/sellers honestly under the terms policy in which the option of a replacement, exchange, or refund is given by the corresponding company/sellers to you. All products mentioned under a specific category might not have a similar return policy. For all items/products, the policy on the page of a product shall depend upon the common returns policy. Do check the corresponding item’s valid return policy on the product page for any exclusions to the table below.

Part 1 – Category, Return Gap and possible actions

Sports Clothing, Footwear7 days Replacement, Refund, or Exchange in the improbable event of defective, physically damaged condition Only (shipping charges may apply)

Accessories like Cricket kit, Football kit, Table Tennis Tables, skateboards accessories/ Other Game accessories, bags, Protective gears, and others7 days Replacement, refund, or exchange in the improbable event of defective, physically damaged condition Only (shipping charges may apply)

Games such as carom, chess7 days Replacement, Refund, or Exchange in the improbable event of defective, physically damaged condition Only (shipping charges may apply)

Occupational, Health & Safety Products (masks, gloves, safety glasses etc.)Non-Returnable due to consumable, hygiene, and/or personal care nature of the item

All branded goods with electronic parts Warranty and Support by Brand/Manufacturer

No Returns categories

Some products given above may not be returnable by reason of their nature or other reasons.

Note: In a rare event of a damaged part or missing accessory that can easily be installed by the consumer, and if the seller or manufacturer agrees to ship the defective or missing part within 24 hrs of notification, it will not be considered a valid reason for a return or refund.

Part 2 – Returns processing and Pick-Up.

Based on the availability and the related concern, we do offer limited return pick-up service. Just in case the return pick-up service is not eligible or available for item(s) and pick-up addresses, you can ship the item directly to the  address (compensation of shipping charges is not guaranteed and depends upon case to case scenarios). Once the seller informs us about your returned item, a refund will be delivered to your account. Customers are requested to wait until the shipment reaches the origin. While returning your item to the invoice address, please attach the copy of invoice with that product.

You can only change the pick-up address of the item only when the pick-up service is obtainable at that new address. While picking up your items, the following conditions will be checked and verified:


Right Product:

name/ brand/ image/ serial number/ IMEI/ article number/ bar code must match and Maximum Return Price (MRP) label must be seen clearly and undetached.

Entire Product:

All sports accessories/equipment must be present.

Unused Product:

The item or product must be unspoiled and without any dents, holes scratches, or tears.

Unharmed Packaging & Product:

Product’s original box/packaging must not be harmed or damaged.

If any of the given conditions are not accordingly, the pick-up person will reject to receive the return depending upon the agency hired and our terms with the courier company

For any items for which a repayment/refund is to be provided, the refund/repayment will be done once the returned item/product has been accepted by us/seller. Customers are requested to cooperate with us in rare situations of courier delays leading to delays in the refund process.

Part 3: Common Laws for positive Return

  1. During open-box deliveries, while receiving your order, if you received a damaged or different product, a refund will be given. Once you have taken an open-box delivery, no return appeal will be accepted, except for manufacturing flaws. In such situations, this specific return/replacement conditions will be valid.
  2. For products where the installation is provided by the partners of Big Value Shop, don’t open the packaging of the product by yourself. We may help in installation and unboxing of the item(s)/product(s).
  3. Return will only be accepted if:
    1. it is verified that the product was not spoiled/broken while in your ownership;
    2. the product must be the same as what was sent to you;
    3. the product is only returned when it is in exact condition (with manufacturer’s/brand’s box, user manual, MRP label intact, warranty card and all the equipment/accessories within).
  4. Products may not be returned in some situations, comprising circumstances of buyer’s guilt like the wrong colour or model of the product ordered or false product ordered. However, if the buyer is ready to bear shipping charges and opts for replacement/return within the valid Replacement/Return gap, then we may replace/return the same product in terms of color/size/model. (Note: Price may differ if the buyer chooses different color/size/model and the additional amount has to be paid by the buyer only).
  5. Products written as “non-returnable” on the detail-page of the product can’t be returned.
  6. Products are returnable within the valid return gap even if you have obtained them in a situation that has missing accessories or parts, is physically damaged, faulty or dissimilar from their explanation on the product’s detail page on Big Value Shop.

Part 4: Shipment Delay

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PRODUCT DELAYS! Big Value Shop works confidently with 3rd party courier partners to deliver orders to buyers in a mentioned delivery timeline. However, due to 3rd party courier partners, the placed orders sometimes get delayed. This shipment delay could be due to many reasons like package not loaded on a van for delivery, bad weather, natural calamity, or courier partner fault. Buyers are requested to have patience in such conditions and cooperate with Big Value Shop to get their order(s) delivered as soon as possible. Big Value Shop always keeps a track of every item that is in transit and work dedicatedly to get the shipment delivered at the right time. In any kind of issue with the delivery date, Big Value Shop is not responsible. However, the buyer(s) can call/email us in such circumstances. We will contact our courier partner(s) and work in the direction of delivering a hassle-free shopping experience. Note: No ‘Compensation’ is given to the buyer(s) or anyone in case of delay in the delivery time.

Part 5: Refused Shipments:

To guarantee you the best service, we have aligned with the 3rd party courier partners for the shipments. We also have a flexible return policy to which you can follow to return the product within the ‘Returns Gap.’ Courier partners are not allowed to accept the package as ‘Return’ while implementing a package delivery -whether it’s COD (Cash On Delivery) or PPD (Pre-paid Delivery). We urge customers to accept the delivery package once it is dispatched.

We use renowned 3rd party courier services for shipments and we don’t have much control over their operations. However, we can raise or escalate concerns based on shipment status. Customers are requested to have patience in the situation of delays and cooperate with us in successful package deliveries. They can also call the courier companies directly on their customer service number and get the information regarding package using AWB shared by us on email.

Here are some scenarios which may occur in case of Package Refusal:

For Cash On Delivery (COD) Transactions:

  • In case of package refusal by the COD customer, we may call that customer to accept the package.
  • 3 delivery attempts will be made by our courier partner to deliver the package.
  • If the COD package is not accepted within 3 attempts, we will disable the COD option from the next time.

For Pre-paid Delivery (PPD) Transactions:

  • In case of Package refusal by the prepaid customer, the actual shipping charge incurred by the company, to and fro, will be deducted from the total refund.
    Note: Actual shipping charge is the total amount charged by the courier company and not the shipping cost mentioned while placing the order via website.

For Advance Payment Transactions:

  • For some cash on delivery orders, we may ask for advance payments based on certain criteria like a new customer, customized product or bulk order, etc.
  • If the customer is not able to accept the package within 3 attempts (in case of advance payment mode), then it is non-refundable.

Note: Customers are responsible for providing all the correct and applicable information while placing orders like complete address (includes house number, street name, locality, landmark, city, state, Pincode), phone number, email address, etc. We will try our best to remain in touch with you for the successful delivery of the parcel. Still, customers are responsible for any conversation they have with the delivery person regarding rescheduling parcel delivery and their availability on the provided phone number and address. We aren’t liable for non-delivery of the product due to mismatch of address or availability issues of the customer.

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