boAt Rockerz Wireless 600

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boAt Rockerz 600

Let’s put an end to your worries about wires hanging and getting tangled with BoAt Rockerz 600. Connect with any Bluetooth device and play your favorite tunes. Dead batteries can kill your vibe therefore BoAt Rockerz 600 is the best headphones designed to play Up to 8 hours. With High Definition, Sound don’t just be loud, be loud and clear. We guarantee you have not heard such powerful bass and vocal clarity from wireless comfortable headphones.

State Of The Art Design

State-of-the-art design and technology come together in the unbelievable sound of the boAt Rockerz 600 Wireless headphones, stay unplugged as you plug into the unparalleled wireless performance that will deliver sound on the go, wherever you go.

Extended Battery

Now you can enjoy your favorite tunes all day thanks to the 300mAh Rechargeable Li-Polymer battery that delivers up to 8 hours of audio excellence. From music to movies, videos and so much more, it’s all in a day’s work for the Rockerz 600. What’s more, Plugin or unplugged, you’re always good to go with the Rockerz 600.

Soft Ear Cushion

An ear cup that doubles as a control panel, the Rockerz 600 are truly the wireless headphones of the future. Now you can pause/play, change tracks, adjust the volume and even answer calls with a simple tap of the ear cup, Rated Power: 10mW

Easy Tap Controls

Built on the side of the earphones that allow for seamless connectivity between calling and music, down to every detail including the in-built mic.