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The Concept

Best online cricket equipment store in India

"Our Mission is to provide the best equipment in the industry that our customers adore and to make a legacy for decades to come."

Change is inevitable and everything changes for the better or the worse, but something that will never change is India’s passion and love for cricket. Be it Sachin’s legendary gameplay, or Dhoni’s winning 2011 World Cup 6, we have grown up adoring the sport. The spirit continues to rise and cricket gets more youth attraction too. But, we don’t want to play with the same equipment our fathers and grandfathers used to play with. The new age of generation Z, we need a little something extra. Something trendy. Something that does just more than the job. We are one of the best online cricket equipment store in India

Presenting AggieNext – for the new you and new me

Why Us

Ergonomically Designed​

The world is always changing — but we don’t just react to change in the market: we create it by paying attention to new research and investing in innovation. Unleash your potential by using our superior equipment designed by leading engineers who have spent countless hours on perfecting each minute detail without any compromise. We have leveraged technology and professional experience, and tested hundreds of variations to finalise the product.

Innovation and Customization

We are passionate about the sport and are dedicated to our customers' individual needs. Along with overseeing all manufacturing processes, we not only have control over the process but also on the specifics of the customer. We will be constantly updating our catalogues, matching the needs of the game and its players. If there is any product, you would like and can’t find, let us know and we’ll locate it for you.


Cricket is not just meant to be at the ground but everywhere. From playing simple room cricket to a game of street cricket uptil professional league cricket, we've got you covered. We have a plethora of products to ensure we cater to all possible demographics and bring the best cricketing experience for your needs.

Hand Crafted with care and diligence

All equipment is made by skilled craftsmen with decades of experience in this realm. With access to the best resources and modern manufacturing processes, every piece of equipment is made with exquisite attention to detail and extreme care, resulting in a balanced finish and ultra-high quality presentation.

The Vision: What's next for AggieNext

The passion for sports and a healthy lifestyle is what drives us. Fueled by passion and led by optimism we aspire to inspire the next generation of athletes. We want to leverage this space to nurture and challenge individuals that dream big. With this in mind AggieNext’s vision is to be the leading voice of sports by being efficient and robust both locally and globally adapting with the changing needs of our customers. 

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